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Elide Fire Ball

Aeroics Aviations Pvt Ltd is the authorised distributor in Maharashtra for exclusive marketing and distributing of the products ELIDE FIRE Extinguisher Ball "ELIDE" Fire Balls (ELP).

Fire Extinguishing Ball (Trade Mark: Elide Fire) under The United States Patent and Trademark Office - Approved Patent Number 6,976,382 B2 issued on September 9, 2004 for FIR SUPPRESION TECHNOLOGY. The Product also enjoys patent rights in 140 plus countries worldwide. Fire Extinguishing Ball produced under Agreement on Trade- Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) of World Trade Organization, PCT/US2002/025158, PCT/US2007/013595 and International Publication No. WO2004/014489.

Advantages of ELIDE FIRE BALL:
Fire Extinguishing Ball will be the first self activating handheld extinguishing device available commercially. Fire Extinguishing Ball is truly a major technological breakthrough, which will rapidly become established as an industry standard in the fire protection market due to the compelling benefits it offers. These include the following:
•   Ease of use - Minimal training costs, no pins, and no moving or mechanical parts.
•  Compact and light weight -it's only 1.3 kgs .per ball, people capable of handling.
•   Self-activated even in absence of people in the case of fire.
•   Have sound level impulsive noise 101dB*-140dB*that is not exceed The threshold Limit Values For Physical Agents of American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists that could be as fire-alarm, and be warning for fire and Fire Extinguishing Ball working.
•   Greater Safety for users - No need to face dangerous flames and gases at close distances.
•   No false alarms, or tampering - can not be activated without fire.
•   Flexible, aesthetic design and simple installation - tabletop or wall mount.
•   No inspection and maintenance requirement for life span of the product - Shelf life of 5 years.
•   Lower Total Cost of protection over the life span of the product.
•   One fireball could be extinguishing follow with Testing A,B,C and E.

Automatic usage:
Install ELIDE FIRE above the place with a high risk of fire origin. ELIDE FIRE activates after contacting fire extinguishes the starting fire and gives a warning audio signal.
Manual usage:
When the fire originates, throw/roll ELIDE FIRE into the fire from the safe distance. ELIDE FIRE will self-activate after contacting fire and will extinguish the starting fire

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Aviation Technical Support
  • Composite Airframe Structure repairs :

    In present days Composites are used in Aerospace widely apart from their other a wide range of applications like marine, automotive, surface transport and sports equipment. The extent of Damage to composite components is best determined by suitable Non Destructive Test (NDT) methods.

    Alternatively the damaged areas can be located by simply tapping the composite surface and listening to the sound. The damaged area if any gives a dull and slag response to the tapping, and the boundary line between the good and damaged composite surfaces can easily be mapped to identify the area for repair. Awareness of and inspection for composite damage should be included in the regular maintenance schedules for composite structures. Particular attention would be made to areas which are more prone to damage.

    Safe flying norms, Preventive maintenance and scheduled inspections of aircraft structures minimises the quantum of repair works on aircraft structures. Repairs on structure should be carried out according to the Aircraft Structural Repair Manual (ASRM).

  • Supply, Servicing and Repairs of Ground Support Equipments / Test Equipments :

    Ground Support Equipments (GSE) and Ground Support Test Equipments (GSTE) are the important part of every aircraft operating unit. Power Supplies, Portable Generators, Trolleys, Weight Shifting units,Aircraft Weighing Scales etc form an integral part of an efficient ground operations required to conduct smooth flying operations. Minor spares like cable, connectors, tie ropes, screws, bolts and washers are also of paramount importance to meet timely flying requirements.

  • Supply of Consumable Spares, POL and AHCP items :

    Corrosion in aircraft structure and associated components due to various reasons can only be avoided by applying rated and recommended treatment. AHCP items hold that important place in this regards. Also various POL and other consumables like adhesives, glue, and grease have their own mark of responsibilities while carrying out the maintenance on an aircraft.

  • Repairs of Aviation components :

    Various aviation components can be repaired by indigenised methods and resources keeping in view all aviation standards in mind. This greatly reduces the cost on operations and down time of availability of component.

  • Calibration and Instrumentation :

    Special care is always taken to maintain all test equipments at latest calibrated state. This not only ensures the correct reading with zero tolerance but assures of safe and fruitful flying operations.

Manufacturing of composite material based Unmanned Air Vehicles
  • Manufacturing of models of unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Wet lay up and Prepreg lay up method.
  • Extensive composite repair work using glass and carbon fibre.
  • Manufacturing of small parts of composite structure made of composite of glass and carbon fibre.

UAS Managed Services
  • Desiging UAS solution from conceptual level
  • Setting up UAV operating facilities
  • Trading organisational staff in complete UAV operations

Manufacturing of RC aero models
  • Manufacturing of Styrofoam based RC Aero Models for Aeromodelling Trading to school students.
  • Manufacturing of Composites based RC Aero Model for basic and advanced flying Trading