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All though, care has been taken to explain the product well through our web site and many more details are available on manufacturer's website too, in this FAQ section we have tried to cover all those points again but in a simplified ways.

What is Fire Extinguisher Ball?

Fire Extinguishing Ball is a ball shaped fire extinguisher. Simply thrown into a fire, it will activate within 3 seconds and effectively disperse-extinguishing chemicals. When a fire occurs and no one is present, Fire Extinguishing Ball will self-activate when it comes into contact with fire and give a loud noise as a fire alarm. Because of this feature, it can be placed in may fire prone area such as above electrical circuit breaker or in a kitchen. There is no special training or skill required to operate the ball and no need to face the dangers of the fire. No inspection and maintenance are required for the product life span of 5 years.

What is the product origin?

Elide Fire Ball is being manufactured in Thailand by Elide Fire Ball Pro Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
Address : No. 54, Moo 6, T. Naklua, A. Banglamung Chonburi 20150, Thailand.
Tel:+6638 414184-5 Fax:+6638 414186

Why does the need of inventing such product occur?

: In 1997, at the scene of a devastating fire that broke out in the Royal Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, from the tragedy loss of human lives and properties rued by Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart was in the event and inspired to invent a fire extinguisher in ball shape called "Elide Fire Ball" and success on 1998. When a fire occurs, the first finder cannot stop the fire at the initial stage because of the high temperature of fire at 400 degree Celsius. If the first finder uses the feeding fire extinguishing tank, they cannot reach into the fire base 1.5 meter because of its function. Then, the fire cannot be stopped igniting. Moreover, from a reason that, the first finder do not wear fire suit to protect from the high temperature as like a Fire Fighter with the completed set with equipments. In even the fire fighters, they cannot extinguish the fire but they just spout the water around the fire to limit spreading out and be refrigerant and let area burned out. When a fire occurs, the first finder cannot extinguish the fire because the feeding fire extinguishers are not designed for the untrained and unpracticed representative while the fire occurring at initial stage 4-8 minutes but for the professional fire fighter with the completed set of fire suits and equipments. As our analysis from the reality fire situation, the professional fire fighter are not in the situation at the initial stage but for normal residences such woman, children and senile with no experiences from fire and untrained perception to extinguish a fire before which effects the way to extinguish a fire at the beginning. When represent found the fire, they just run out to be saved and call to the fire station for help but it may take time more than 8 minutes to stop firing at the initial stage. Unfortunately the fire causes a lot of damages if not controlled at very initial stage. The old and conventional fire extinguishers are many a times fail to fulfill this immediate requirement.
Tel:+6638 414184-5 Fax:+6638 414186

What certifications does this product hold?

Who can handle or operate this product?

Anyone who can lift 1.5 kg can handle this product under manual operation. Even children, females, old aged people can operate this product. It just requires throwing the ball in the fire. That's it and fire is OFF.

Which all places this product can be installed?

The product is supplied with a mounting holder.
1.Fire Extinguishing Ball can be placed on a shelf top, tabletop, along the hallway or any visible area of easy access.
2.Fire Extinguishing Ball is best mounted in high risk area such as kitchens, electrical circuit breakers, overloaded electrical outlets, or near fire places.

Will the product operate automatically in case of fire and anyone's absence?


Automatic usage in rooms
• Install ELIDE FIRE 10 - 30 cm above the place with a high risk of fire origin. (Garages, kitchens, places in vicinity of fire-places, electric circuit breakers, outlets, etc.)
• Be sure that an arrow on the product package is always directed upwards.
• The agent self-activates after contacting fire, it gives a warning audio signal and extinguishes the starting fire.

How the fire ball is manually operated?


Manual usage at extinguishing of starting fire in a room
• Have the ball always placed at the visible and accessible place.
• At the starting fire throw/roll the ball into the fire from the safe distance.
• It self-activates after contacting fire up to 3 – 10 sec. and extinguishes the starting fire.
• In the case of necessity throw more ELIDE FIRE balls into the fire.

Manual usage outside or in a garage fire extinguishing a vehicle
At the starting fire, throw to the vehicle at least two ELIDE FIRE extinguishing balls and remove immediately into safe distance.

Why does it make a sound during its operation?

The sound serves as an alarm to draw your attention and notify you about fire activities taken place.

How does Elide Fire Ball outperform regular extinguishers?

• Ease of use - Minimal training costs, no pins, and no moving or mechanical parts.
• Compact and light weight -it's only 1.3 kgs .per ball, people capable of handling.
• Self-activating even without people present in the case of fire.
• Have sound level impulsive noise 101dB*-140dB*that is not exceed The threshold Limit Values For Physical Agents of American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists that could be as fire-alarm, and be warning for fire and Fire Extinguishing Ball working.
• Greater Safety for users - No need to face dangerous flames and gases at close distances.
• No false alarms, or tampering - can not be activated without fire.
• Flexible, aesthetic design and simple installation - tabletop or wall mount.
• No inspection and maintenance requirement for life span of the product - Shelf life of 5 years.
• Lower Total Cost of protection over the life span of the product:
• One fireball could be extinguishing follow with Testing A,B,C and E.

Where can I buy this product?

We have various dealers appointed for selling of this product in their respective areas all across Maharashtra state. If you do not find any dealer near your place then please get in touch with us or you can buy this product online using the link provided on our web site.

How can I become the Dealer of this product?

Dealership inquiries are solicited. Please get in touch with us for more information on terms and conditions.