Certificates of Quality Management System to Manufacture and Sales the Fire Extinguishing Ball according to ISO 9001 : 2008 From TUV SUD Management Service GmbH, Germany

  • Intellectual Property Infringement Act
  • Trademark Registration Certificate
  • Product Registration Certificates from Thai Industrial Standards Institute
  • Sound Level Standard Guide Line from Occupational Safety and Health Thailand (South Eastern Area)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet for NH4H2PO4 from Occupational Safety and Health Thailand (South Eastern Area)
  • Chemicals Importation Regulation Requirements from the Dangerous Control Parameter Agent
  • Product Usage Permission for Fire Extinguishing from Thailand Fire Police no. TCH-001(DT. 909)

  • • Poland
  • • Russia
  • • Turkey
  • • South Africa
  • • Canada
  • • Australia
  • • Nigeria
  • • Ghana
  • • India

1. Certificate from the Main School of Firefighting Services 2. Certificates from The Main Institute of Mining Experimental Mine. 3.Certificates from Polish Association Of Workers Of Safety And Hygiene Of Work Services 4. Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene

1. Certificate of Conformity, Russia Federal 2. The Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion 3. Certificate of Fire Safety

1. Certificate of Warranty form Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Industry and Commerce. 2. Certificate of Testing Result with K-9 police

1. Certificate of Testing of the Fireball after being exposed to underground conditions. 2. Testing Report from SABS 3. Product Certificates from the Local Municipality

1.Product Certificate from National Resources, Canada.

1. Testing Report from Australian Metropolitan Fire Service, South Australia5

1. Product Certificate from Lagos State Government 2. Product Standard Certificate from Federal Fire Service 3. Product Certificate of Standards Organization of Nigeria 4. Testing Report from Standards Organization of Nigeria (SONCAP)

1. Product Approval to import to Ghana

1. Testing Report from Indian National Test House

International Certificates